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"Why else keep a journal, if not to examine your own filth?"
Sunday 9/28/2014

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Saturday 9/27/2014


Blood, Sparrows and Sparrows

Eugenia Leigh

“Everyone warns us off the rocks. / But what will keep us from the river?” Leigh asks in her debut collection, which pieces together a kind of mythology in which the surreal and celestial coexist with the realities of childhood abuse as an adult speaker grapples with its lasting emotional trauma. Rooted in a place of deep faith and bottomless compassion, Leigh’s speaker struggles to remember, and to remind us all, “that to worship is to survive is to be / wholly human.”


“Sometimes, God hates // his perfect grammar. His pretty / universe. So he’ll pluck a butterfly of its left wing. Call it / art. 


"With disability justice, we want to move away from the “myth of independence,” that everyone can and should be able to do everything on their own. I am not fighting for independence, as much of the disability rights movement rallies behind. I am fighting for an interdependence that embraces need and tells the truth: no one does it on their own and the myth of independence is just that, a myth."
Friday 9/26/2014

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Thursday 9/25/2014

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"It’s strange. I felt less lonely when I didn’t know you."
Tuesday 9/23/2014

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The Flies (Jean Paul Sartre)

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  1. When was the last time you appreciated an object that was neither useful nor beautiful (according to you)?
  2. When was the last time you appreciated a person who was neither useful nor beautiful (according to you)?

This is an open-book test. Show your work when you answer.

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Sunday 9/14/2014

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Friday 9/12/2014

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Thursday 9/4/2014

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"Create Your Own Success" by Lauren Roberts from FJorde magazine, Issue 22 (2014).

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Wednesday 9/3/2014

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"I love that sweet smell of decay that surrounds me in forests and woods. A kind of mulchy, deep, rich rot that has no connotation of death or ending, but rather of life and age. A sense of perpetual destruction and rebirth."
Tuesday 9/2/2014

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